The Stani Army 'BACK THE PAK' t-shirt in quality gold print
The Stani Army ‘BACK THE PAK’ t-shirt in quality gold print

With the Champions Trophy fast approaching, we urge fans who were thinking of purchasing the new Stani Army “Back the Pak” t-shirt to do so as soon as possible if they would like to receive it before the start of the tournament.

The t-shirt features the Stani Army branding and the words “BACK THE PAK” in a quality metallic gold print. So if you’re still not sure which green you will be in, why not invest in one of these quality t-shirts from our Stani Army Spreadshirt shop.

Spreadshirt is one of the world’s leading personalised apparel companies. Therefore our fans should rest assured as to the quality of the product and the print on their t-shirts. Please do view the size guide before placing your order and do so today to give yourself the best chance of receiving it before our first game on the 7th of June.

*All orders are handled by Spreadshirt. Stani Army cannot guarantee you will receive the t-shirt before the start of the tournament hence we urge fans to order as soon as possible if they are thinking of doing so. T-shirts are ready for dispatch in 1-2 working days and delivery to UK is within 5-6 working days.

*Unfortunately, Spreadshirt does not currently post to Pakistan. We are working on finding a solution for our supporters in Pakistan.