1992 World Cup Winning Pakistan Shirt Now Available!

With the 2015 One Day International World Cup returning to New Zealand and Australia – where Pakistan triumphed in 1992 – the shirt Pakistan wore as they became World Champions under the great Imran Khan is bound to be in huge demand. So where can fans get their hands on one? Well right here from our Stani Army shop!

Pakistan Team 1992 Final

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Saeed Ajmal International Cricket Academy Campaign

We are pleased to announce that later this month, Stani Army will be holding a fundraising dinner with Saeed Ajmal in Birmingham with the aim of raising awareness for his new academy, the Saeed Ajmal International Cricket Academy (SAICA). Details of the event will follow over the next week here on http://www.staniarmy.com, including how fans can purchase tickets for the dinner. As well as photo opportunities and autographs, fans will also get a chance to put their questions to Saeed on what is certain to be a fantastic evening.

In build up to the event, below is information and some photos regarding SAICA, how it came about, the work completed so far and what still needs to be done. We encourage our fans to take this opportunity to read up on this wonderful initiative.

Saeed Ajmal International Cricket Academy Awareness Campaign

Saeed Ajmal, Pakistan International cricket professional and one of the world’s leading bowlers felt the need to do something about the declining efforts in Pakistan over its craze of cricket and wanting to give back something to his country.

He realised that due to the political restrictions on International Cricket not being played in Pakistan it not only effected the countries economy it shattered the base root foundation of youngsters playing cricket on all levels. Cricket has been at its all time low. Saeed Ajmal felt the need to inject something back into cricket by setting up a cricket academy in Faisalabad which will train educate and give the children an excellent opportunity to flourish in this beautiful sport that on any given day can lift the whole country on its feet.

Saeed Ajmal has dedicated his time and effort to get his message across to the Government of Pakistan to the Pakistan Cricket Board to the people of Pakistan.

In 2012 Saeed Ajmal started a campaign to get this academy on the map of Pakistan. He managed to convince the Government of Punjab the need for Cricket to be re-established. The Government of Punjab kindly donated 22 acres of land to Saeed’s project.


Sixteen months on and now the ground has been levelled out to include 10 full size cricket pitches along with 11 practice pitches. This was only possible by the will of Allah, kind donations from people and also a heavy contribution from Saeed Ajmal himself who from his own personal funds spent £125,000 to start this Academy.

On the day of the launch 4,500 applicants came to enrol at SAICA it took over 1 month to go through all the applicants. At the time due to limitations only 100 students where accepted on their cricketing abilities. Children of all backgrounds came with the hope to be part of this great new initiative and to be part of something special. The 100 students that where accepted where all provided with 20 pieces of equipment ranging from trousers to tops from cricket pads to gloves and everything one needs to get started.

The cost of each child’s equipment is in the region of 15,000 rupees (£95 approx). Trials for the Academy run every 3 months where 100 more applicants are again accepted on the grounds of their cricketing abilities. To date there are 300 students that are full time students at the Academy. 100 of the existing students are from very poor backgrounds or include children who are Orphans they are exempt to pay any money towards the Academy and enjoy free coaching and education. The other 200 students pay a very small amount to help with the daily running costs. Children with special needs also qualify for free coaching and equipment.

Phase 1
The completion of the grounds: In progress

Phase 2
Build a Gymnasium, changing room facilities and showers
Phase 3
Build a School for secular education and train children on rules and regulations of cricket
Phase 4
Build a Masjid to give them a good sound Islamic upbringing (Sadaka Jahriya)
Phase 5
Build a Hostel to accommodate for 200 students. 50 rooms with 4 sharing a room Phase 1 is in progress however Phase 2 -5 is in need of further funds to continue.

It is estimated to continue with Phase 2-5 SAICA is in need of £1m to complete this amazing project. This will include all the equipment required. The salaries of all 15 coaches combined is in the region of 2 Lakh and 25,000 Rupees per month (£1400 per month). Salaries of all 15 ground staff combined are in the region of 2 Lakh per month (£1250).

Future Planning
– The academy is in need of 11 bowling machines one machine at each practice pitch.
– Ground Machinery, Rollers and lawn Mowers to maintain a good health ground.
– Gym equipment needed

SAICA recognises that there is so much talent in Pakistan that its mission is to provide the best coaching, training, education and facilities to the students to flourish in developing a future career in playing cricket and ultimately playing cricket for the National team.

But not every child will be able to pursue that dream ambition and desire to become a professional cricketer due to their family’s financial circumstances. That’s why SAICA is introducing a salary structure for students to get paid to play in the academy. Some students are probably the bread winners of their families and are unable to progress in cricket because their parents can’t afford for them to play cricket not earn a living and to provide for the family. That is why each qualifying child will get paid 5000 rupees a month (£30) per month to continue with their cricket career.

Ways in which you can help
– You can sponsor a child a month by donating £60 – £30 of which will go towards his families living expense and the other £30 towards his Cricket, School and Masjid education.
– Donate equipment or sponsor a bowling machine.

Mount Snowdon climb for IKCA

We are pleased to announce that on the 8th of June 2014, members of the Stani Army will be climbing Mount Snowdon in Wales to raise money for the Imran Khan Cancer Appeal (IKCA). At the time of writing, we have 21 of our members set to take part including Mr Pakistan, the Sheikh of Pakistan, the Dictator and the King of Pakistan. All our members will be climbing to the summit in full fancy dress.

We have set up a Just Giving page where you can sponsor our climb and donate to this worthy cause. Cancer is a disease that affects everyone in some way, and every one of us reading this will know of someone close to us who has been affected by this dreadful disease. Some of us are fortunate enough to get the best treatment and care available, which is something many in Pakistan simply cannot afford. Each penny you donate will inshaAllah go into increasing someone’s chances of winning their battle with cancer.

Your donations do qualify as zakah, lillah and sadaqah. You can donate here.

WHY NOT JOIN US? Do you want to come on the climb with us? All you need to do is choose a fancy dress costume and be willing to raise donations. We would love to have you join us. If you are interested, contact us here.

Stani Army IKCA

Photos: Stani Army on Cricket AM

Here are a selection of photos from Stani Army’s appearance on Sky Sports’ Cricket AM show, where we met the great Wasim Akram and England superstar Simon Jones. We’d like to thank everyone at Cricket AM for their hospitality on what was a wonderfully enjoyable morning. We hope we played our part in bringing plenty of noise and colour to the show! Stani Army! Continue reading “Photos: Stani Army on Cricket AM”

Cricket AM – Wasim Akram

Cricket legend and one of the greatest bowlers in the history of the game Wasim Akram, visits the Cricket AM studio and meets the Stani Army. For those of you who missed the show here is a short snippet.


BACK THE PAK t-shirts – Buy yours now!

The Stani Army 'BACK THE PAK' t-shirt in quality gold print
The Stani Army ‘BACK THE PAK’ t-shirt in quality gold print

With the Champions Trophy fast approaching, we urge fans who were thinking of purchasing the new Stani Army “Back the Pak” t-shirt to do so as soon as possible if they would like to receive it before the start of the tournament.

The t-shirt features the Stani Army branding and the words “BACK THE PAK” in a quality metallic gold print. So if you’re still not sure which green you will be in, why not invest in one of these quality t-shirts from our Stani Army Spreadshirt shop.

Spreadshirt is one of the world’s leading personalised apparel companies. Therefore our fans should rest assured as to the quality of the product and the print on their t-shirts. Please do view the size guide before placing your order and do so today to give yourself the best chance of receiving it before our first game on the 7th of June.

*All orders are handled by Spreadshirt. Stani Army cannot guarantee you will receive the t-shirt before the start of the tournament hence we urge fans to order as soon as possible if they are thinking of doing so. T-shirts are ready for dispatch in 1-2 working days and delivery to UK is within 5-6 working days.

*Unfortunately, Spreadshirt does not currently post to Pakistan. We are working on finding a solution for our supporters in Pakistan. Continue reading “BACK THE PAK t-shirts – Buy yours now!”

Tickets released for warm up matches

Pakistan's two warm up games will whet the appetite for what is set to be an exciting tournament
Pakistan’s two warm up games will whet the appetite for what is set to be an exciting tournament

The ICC has released tickets for the six Champions Trophy warm up matches. Pakistan will play in two of them with the first at Edgbaston in Birmingham and the second at the Oval in London.

Fans will be pleased to know they can now purchase tickets for the Champions Trophy warm up games from the official ICC ticketing website. Pakistan will play the first of their two warm ups on Thursday the 30th of May against Sri Lanka at Edgbaston, with the game starting at 1:00 pm. Their second warm up game will be played on Monday the 3rd of June against South Africa at the Oval, with the game starting at 10:30 am.

Tickets are priced at £15 for adults and £5 for under 16s, and can be purchased from the official ticketing website with a maximum of 8 tickets per customer.

Pakistan’s warm up matches:

– Thursday 30th May versus Sri Lanka, Edgbaston 1:00 pm

– Monday 3rd June versus South Africa, Oval 10:30 am Continue reading “Tickets released for warm up matches”

Photos: Edgbaston tour & ICC Call for Action campaign

Stani Army's Mr Pakistan
Stani Army’s Mr Pakistan at Edgbaston

Stani Army is delighted to bring you photos from our tour of Edgbaston cricket ground in Birmingham, where we were granted rare behind the scenes access of the stadium, a ground where Pakistan greats such as Imran Khan and Javed Miandad have graced the pitch. Edgbaston will be hosting two of Pakistan’s group games for the upcoming Champions Trophy in June, and we were also excited to get our hands on the official ICC Champions Trophy which was in Birmingham for a short stay.

Before the tour of the stadium, members took part in a photo campaign officially authorised by the ICC and endorsed by Warwickshire County Cricket Club (WCCC). The campaign titled “Call for Action”, sees fans have their photos taken in front of local landmarks, whilst displaying the official ICC Champions Trophy Pakistan team specific artwork, as seen in the photos with our members stood in front of the famous Bullring in Birmingham. In a joint venture between Stani Army and CTEC Cricket, we will soon be asking fans around the world to have their photo taken holding up a print out of the official poster, stood at a local landmark dressed in their favourite Pakistan outfit, and then send them in to us. Photos will be published on staniarmy.com and possibly be used by WCCC and the ICC.

Stani Army would like to thank the ICC, WCCC, CTEC Cricket, Tom Rawlings, Sean Miller & Rick our guide from Warwickshire, who helped make it such an enjoyable and memorable day.

We would also like to thank photographer Junaid Shaheen, BBC Radio’s Ruchi Tandon, Nahim Ullah Khan of The Feast, The Sheikh of Pakistan, The Doctor, The King of Pakistan, Larry Cricket, Ferhan Kiani Azad, The Mexican, Raza, and the two wonderful kids. Continue reading “Photos: Edgbaston tour & ICC Call for Action campaign”

Champions Trophy ticket warning to fans

Details on tickets can be used for fraudulent means & should be obscured
Details on tickets can be used for fraudulent means & should be obscured

Fans receiving their tickets for the Champions Trophy tournament should take precautions before posting images of their tickets online.

Supporters up and down the country have started receiving their tickets for the ICC Champions Trophy starting in June in England and Wales. We would first like to congratulate those of you who have managed to get tickets to attend matches and understand and share the joy and excitement of looking forward to attending the last Champions Trophy tournament to be played. With that acknowledged, we would like to urge fans to temper their excitement and take care when posting images of their tickets on social network websites.

We have noticed a number of fans posting images of their tickets online without hiding important details printed on their tickets. Fans are advised that should they want to post images of their tickets online, that they should obscure or blur out their name, row and seat number, and barcode which are all printed on the ticket. Fans who have already posted images without taking these precautions should endeavour to remove the images as soon as possible.

Fans should be aware that photos they post of their tickets that show important details can be used by others to falsely advertise their ticket for resale online Continue reading “Champions Trophy ticket warning to fans”