We asked you, the fans, to send in your questions for Pakistan’s former coach Dav Whatmore. From a wide selection of questions, we chose some of the best ones to put to Dav which he kindly took out the time to answer. Scroll down to see what he had to say!

1. Since after your time with us, what have you been up to and do you have anything in the pipeline in terms of getting back into cricket? (Question from Mr Pakistan @MrPakistan786)

“Enjoying an extended period of time with my family that I have not experienced in years. However I am starting to get hungry again! Currently signed with Arena Sports and will be starting a Dav Whatmore Cricket Academy later this year in Dubai.”

2. At the international level, how much ‘coaching’ can a coach do and what is the main role a coach plays? 

“Preparation mainly and creating a healthy environment for performance. Sound tactical knowledge would greatly assist in plotting the way forward together with the captain.”

3. How much say does the Pakistan coach have in selecting the playing eleven and the tour squads? (Question from @cjalerts)

“Whilst on tour the Pakistan Coach is one of 3 selectors picking the eleven. Tour squads are purely selected by the PCB Selection Committee.”

4. Pakistan’s batting is still vulnerable and bowling inconsistent. Did you see improvements during your time as coach? (Question from Shahzad Tirmizi Syed @shahzadtirmizi)

“Of course, although there were some games where we did not perform well. It was unfortunate that we seemed to have played South Africa a lot in the last 2 years.”

5. What went wrong with Nasir Jamshed? Why did he become so timid and unconfident? (Question from Shayan Adamjee @shayanadamjee)

“It happens to batsmen sometimes. Nasir is a very good player but a loss of form resulted in his exit. I am sure he will be back at some point.”

6. Why do you think our batting frequently collapses especially when chasing? (Question from Rafia Jaffar @RafiaJaffar)

“We have chased and won and have not been the only team to who have lost chasing. Saying that it is generally harder chasing a target due to the scoreboard pressure.”

7. You’ve watched domestic games in Pakistan. Could you identify any obvious problems in our domestic cricket structure? (Question from Rafia Jaffar @RafiaJaffar)

“I have watched a few games only and that was mainly in Lahore. Department 4 and 1 day cricket is a lot stronger than regionals.”

8. In your time with us, were there any young players with leadership qualities who in your opinion could take over when Misbah retires? Who would be your next captain? (Question from Saqib Malik @saqibhm)

“There are a few but it will be unfair to name them in fear of putting too much pressure on them.”

9. Is there any upcoming talent Pakistan fans can be excited about and is there any exciting all-rounder in the Afridi/Razzaq mould coming through? (Question from Tee @mr_notorious_t)

“There are always potential in the junior ranks. Particularly in the Under 19 Squad. Sadly their development is largely left to themselves in many instances. The absence of an A Team program will always make it difficult to have continual talent coming up through the ranks. Again due to past experience I do not like to mention names due to the pressure factor.”

10. A memorable moment in your time as Pakistan coach? Preferably a funny one. (Question from Adil Mansoor @adilmtipu)

“There are too many to single one memory out. Ajmal as you can all imagine always provided us with many laughs keeping the dressing room more laid back.”

11. There is a view that coaching Pakistan is the hardest job in cricket. Did you find this to be the case, compared with your work with other nations? (Question from Mr Pakistan @MrPakistan786)

“Undoubtedly the hardest of all my coaching assignments but proud that I survived my full term.”

12. During your time, were there efforts made to bring cricket back to Pakistan and did you feel safe in the country? (Question from Tee @mr_notorious_t)

“There were efforts in a sense but unless the political situation improves there is little chance of any touring teams coming to Pakistan. I personally felt no danger living in Lahore.”

13. Your last game with Sri Lanka was the ’96 World Cup Final. You also ended your KKR stint on a high. How did it feel and rank in your career highs when Pakistan chased the target at over 5 an over in a Test in your last game with us? (Question from Imran Asghar @PakCricket_)

“My last game with Sri Lanka was in 2003 Semi Final World Cup vs Australia. I was extremely proud to see the spirit of our boys in wanting to win a difficult test match. They never gave up with things were difficult over the first 4 and half days. A number of the boys from the beginning of that test match told me they will win it for me as my last game with Pakistan.”

14. How do you rate Pakistan’s chances at the 2015 World Cup & how could we increase them? (Question from Saad Anwar @SaadiWriter & Saqib Malik @saqibhm)

“The team always enjoys playing ODIs and has had a lot of success in this format. Careful preparation and selection of the final squad will be essential. If they can adapt quickly to the different pitch conditions then they will be a difficult outfit to beat!”

15. There is talk that the subcontinent teams will struggle in the conditions in Australia and New Zealand in the World Cup 2015. Do you think this will be the case and who do you think are the contenders for the title? (Question from Abdullah Haider @maza786)

“There have been examples of sub continental teams performing well in Australia and New Zealand. It is too easy to suggest teams that play in similar conditions will be in the final. I think it will be a little different to that. Too early to say whom I think are favorites.”

16. Ex-Pakistan coach Geoff Lawson once described Misbah as the “best cricket brain in Pakistan”. Can you give us some insight into the man and how you found it working with Misbah Ul Haq?

“Misbah certainly possesses a cool head and shrewd thinking in many instances. His personal contributions whilst being a leader, have been second to none and have demonstrated that leadership has not been a burden when it comes to run making.”

17. After your last game, you said you were sure you would be back involved in Pakistan cricket “in a different capacity, sooner rather than later”. These words sounded more than just sentiment. Is there something planned that you’re not telling us about? 

“I was hoping to return to Pakistan in private initiatives. This is definitely in the future and I really hope it materialises as I love the country.”

18. Outside of cricket, how did you find it living in Pakistan? The food? The people? etc 

“I struggled the first year when living at the NCA. Once I shifted to my own apartment it became much happier. You will never hear me complain about the food in Pakistan and the people were always friendly.”

We thank Dav for his time, and on behalf of all Pakistan fans, thank him for all his efforts with our team, wishing him all the best for the future. Last but not least, a special thanks to Alex Whatmore for her help.

This is the first in a series of a new questions and answers feature we have launched with more instalments coming over the next few months. Keep following to be in with a chance to put your questions to biggest names associated with Pakistan cricket.