Stani Army World Cup 2012 flight details

Join us on our trip to the World Cup in Sri Lanka, and let's be Pakistan's 12th man!

A group of us are flying out from Birmingham on the evening of September 20th on Emirates. We’ll arrive in Dubai the next morning and spend the day sightseeing and dining in the evening. Our connecting flight to Colombo is in the early hours of Saturday morning at around 2.45am arriving at around 8.30am.

We have a few members joining us for the connecting flights from Luton, Glasgow and one member from USA, so we all arrive in Colombo together.

We return on Monday 8th October.  Our fare was £555 from Birmingham return.

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More World Cup Tickets released

More tickets have been made available for the World Cup later this year

Stani Army can exclusively announce that more tickets have been released for the Twenty20 World Cup in Sri Lanka. This is for all games including the Final. Fans are urged to visit the official ticketing site and book their tickets now should they wish to travel out for the World Cup.

Most tickets from the first round of sales were sold out and it was stated that a second round of sales would commence on the 1st of August. Yet for reasons unbeknown to us, we have discovered that more tickets have already gone on sale through the official site.

For ticket booking advice and information on where Stani Army members will be seated at games, click here.

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World Cup tickets still available

Tickets are still available for Pakistan's games

Stani Army can confirm that tickets for Pakistan’s group games, super 8’s and both the Semi-Finals are still available. We urge fans to log on to the official ticketing website and purchase their tickets if they wish to travel out to Sri Lanka for the World Cup. We can also confirm that unfortunately, tickets for the Final have sold out.

Pakistan will play their group games in Pallekele and Super8s in Colombo. Should we progress, our remaining games (Semi-Final and Final) will also be in Colombo.

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T20 World Cup 2012 tour update

Well done to all the members who purchased tickets yesterday. We have a total of 22 members who will be touring together in September to Sri Lanka from 5 different countries. Limited tickets are still available for those who wish to join us. More tickets will be released by the ICC in the summer so keep an eye on our website for early details. Continue reading “T20 World Cup 2012 tour update”

IMPORTANT World Cup tickets update

We urge fans wanting to travel to Sri Lanka to watch the World Cup to get on the ticketing website and book their match tickets now. We had expected that tickets would go fast, yet even we have been surprised at how fast they are selling.

Some tickets have been held back for a second phase of sales due to commence on the 1st of August, yet only 20% have been held back for this second phase. Considering the fact that the demand will be even higher then, fans should not wait any longer.

Unfortunately, due to this huge demand, we were not able to purchase tickets for the blocks we had originally hoped for and stated in our previous post, despite trying at the earliest opportunity. We will as a result be seated in the following blocks:

Group games: Block A12 (Pallekele)
Super8s: Block AU2 (Colombo)
Semi-Final: Block AU2 (Colombo)
Final: Block CU7 (Colombo)

The above seating plan is now finalised.

Tips for when booking:
– You may find that tickets for your specific search criteria are showing as unavailable. Fans should therefore use the method of selecting their price range and then search for the best matched tickets. This way you will get the best available seats for what you are willing to pay.

– If you are still having trouble through this method, try to purchase fewer tickets at a time (for example, in twos). Trying to purchase 6 tickets all seated together, will obviously reduce your chances of finding a match.

– If you are still having trouble, then chances are that only the cheapest or (less likely) the most expensive tickets will be left. Fans should thus adjust the price range for the search criteria accordingly and try again.

If you intend to go to the World Cup, please visit the ticketing website now to avoid disappointment. DO NOT DELAY! Continue reading “IMPORTANT World Cup tickets update”