Photos: At the 2014 London Mela for the Imran Khan Cancer Appeal

Last Sunday, members of the Stani Army including Mr Pakistan and the Sheikh of Pakistan, were at the London Mela in Gunnersbury Park raising funds for the Imran Khan Cancer Appeal (IKCA). This follows on from our IKCA fundraising challenge in June when we climbed to the summit of Mount Snowdon in full fancy dress, photos of which can be found here. We would like to thank everyone who attended the Mela and donated to this worthy cause, or simply just stopped by to have a friendly chat and a photo or two. You can view photos from the Mela below.

If you missed out on the Mela and still wish to donate, you can do so via the IKCA website, or via free phone on 0500 786 101. To find out more about where your donations will be going and the tireless work of the IKCA and everyone at the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital, please visit here.

Photos: SAICA dinner with Saeed Ajmal

We’re delighted to announce that last week’s fundraising dinner organised by the Stani Army for the Saeed Ajmal International Cricket Academy was a resounding success with thousands of pounds raised for this great cause. Below is a selection of photos from the night for our fans to view.

Saeed Ajmal was also joined on the night by England’s Moeen Ali, fresh from his brilliant unbeaten century at Headingley against Sri Lanka. Along with photos of the two cricket stars and the Stani Army members, fans can scroll down to view items auctioned off on the night for the academy, and photos of those who generously donated towards the cause.

We’d like to reserve a special thank you to Noorani Events for the event decor and Imax Photography for capturing the occasion.

Tickets on sale! Dinner with Saeed Ajmal

We’re delighted to announce that tickets for the fundraising dinner with Saeed Ajmal for the Saeed Ajmal International Cricket Academy (SAICA) have gone on sale. Fans will have a choice of purchasing a premium ticket or a standard ticket. The premium ticket guarantees you a seat on the same table as Saeed Ajmal, so if any fans are interested they should move fast as there are only a limited few available.

Purchase online (PayPal required):
Premium Ticket: £100 (Click to purchase)
Standard Ticket: £25 (Click to purchase)

Purchase from store:
Fans can also purchase tickets in person from Bull Ring phones, H8-H9, St Martins Rag Market, Edgbaston Street, Birmingham, B5 4RB.

Programme for the night:
– Presentation
– Buffet dinner (included in ticket price)
– Q&A session with Saeed Ajmal
– Auction of signed bats and balls
– Competition and prizes
– Photo opportunities

Time & date: 8pm Wednesday 25th June
Location: Rawal Village 142-144 Ladypool Road, Birmingham, B12 8JA

Proceeds from the night including ticket sales go towards SAICA so do purchase in confidence knowing that it is all for a good cause. Click here to learn more about the Saeed Ajmal International Cricket Academy.

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Saeed Ajmal International Cricket Academy Campaign

We are pleased to announce that later this month, Stani Army will be holding a fundraising dinner with Saeed Ajmal in Birmingham with the aim of raising awareness for his new academy, the Saeed Ajmal International Cricket Academy (SAICA). Details of the event will follow over the next week here on, including how fans can purchase tickets for the dinner. As well as photo opportunities and autographs, fans will also get a chance to put their questions to Saeed on what is certain to be a fantastic evening.

In build up to the event, below is information and some photos regarding SAICA, how it came about, the work completed so far and what still needs to be done. We encourage our fans to take this opportunity to read up on this wonderful initiative.

Saeed Ajmal International Cricket Academy Awareness Campaign

Saeed Ajmal, Pakistan International cricket professional and one of the world’s leading bowlers felt the need to do something about the declining efforts in Pakistan over its craze of cricket and wanting to give back something to his country.

He realised that due to the political restrictions on International Cricket not being played in Pakistan it not only effected the countries economy it shattered the base root foundation of youngsters playing cricket on all levels. Cricket has been at its all time low. Saeed Ajmal felt the need to inject something back into cricket by setting up a cricket academy in Faisalabad which will train educate and give the children an excellent opportunity to flourish in this beautiful sport that on any given day can lift the whole country on its feet.

Saeed Ajmal has dedicated his time and effort to get his message across to the Government of Pakistan to the Pakistan Cricket Board to the people of Pakistan.

In 2012 Saeed Ajmal started a campaign to get this academy on the map of Pakistan. He managed to convince the Government of Punjab the need for Cricket to be re-established. The Government of Punjab kindly donated 22 acres of land to Saeed’s project.


Sixteen months on and now the ground has been levelled out to include 10 full size cricket pitches along with 11 practice pitches. This was only possible by the will of Allah, kind donations from people and also a heavy contribution from Saeed Ajmal himself who from his own personal funds spent £125,000 to start this Academy.

On the day of the launch 4,500 applicants came to enrol at SAICA it took over 1 month to go through all the applicants. At the time due to limitations only 100 students where accepted on their cricketing abilities. Children of all backgrounds came with the hope to be part of this great new initiative and to be part of something special. The 100 students that where accepted where all provided with 20 pieces of equipment ranging from trousers to tops from cricket pads to gloves and everything one needs to get started.

The cost of each child’s equipment is in the region of 15,000 rupees (£95 approx). Trials for the Academy run every 3 months where 100 more applicants are again accepted on the grounds of their cricketing abilities. To date there are 300 students that are full time students at the Academy. 100 of the existing students are from very poor backgrounds or include children who are Orphans they are exempt to pay any money towards the Academy and enjoy free coaching and education. The other 200 students pay a very small amount to help with the daily running costs. Children with special needs also qualify for free coaching and equipment.

Phase 1
The completion of the grounds: In progress

Phase 2
Build a Gymnasium, changing room facilities and showers
Phase 3
Build a School for secular education and train children on rules and regulations of cricket
Phase 4
Build a Masjid to give them a good sound Islamic upbringing (Sadaka Jahriya)
Phase 5
Build a Hostel to accommodate for 200 students. 50 rooms with 4 sharing a room Phase 1 is in progress however Phase 2 -5 is in need of further funds to continue.

It is estimated to continue with Phase 2-5 SAICA is in need of £1m to complete this amazing project. This will include all the equipment required. The salaries of all 15 coaches combined is in the region of 2 Lakh and 25,000 Rupees per month (£1400 per month). Salaries of all 15 ground staff combined are in the region of 2 Lakh per month (£1250).

Future Planning
– The academy is in need of 11 bowling machines one machine at each practice pitch.
– Ground Machinery, Rollers and lawn Mowers to maintain a good health ground.
– Gym equipment needed

SAICA recognises that there is so much talent in Pakistan that its mission is to provide the best coaching, training, education and facilities to the students to flourish in developing a future career in playing cricket and ultimately playing cricket for the National team.

But not every child will be able to pursue that dream ambition and desire to become a professional cricketer due to their family’s financial circumstances. That’s why SAICA is introducing a salary structure for students to get paid to play in the academy. Some students are probably the bread winners of their families and are unable to progress in cricket because their parents can’t afford for them to play cricket not earn a living and to provide for the family. That is why each qualifying child will get paid 5000 rupees a month (£30) per month to continue with their cricket career.

Ways in which you can help
– You can sponsor a child a month by donating £60 – £30 of which will go towards his families living expense and the other £30 towards his Cricket, School and Masjid education.
– Donate equipment or sponsor a bowling machine.

Photos: Mount Snowdon climb for IKCA (Part 1)

Yesterday, members of the Stani Army from London, Birmingham, Scotland and in between, set off for Wales for their climb of Mount Snowdon in full fancy dress to raise money for the Imran Khan Cancer Appeal (IKCA). After a well deserved, good night’s rest, we’re delighted to announce the success of our climb and bring you some photos from the day.

So far we have raised close to £2000 for this great cause with the total steadily rising. If you haven’t donated yet but would like to, please visit our Just Giving page where you can still give and help someone suffering from this dreadful disease. Your donations do qualify as zakah, lillah and sadaqah.

Scroll down to view part one of the photos from yesterday’s climb and do keep a look out for part two where we will be posting some beautiful scenic shots of Snowdonia.


WHY NOT JOIN US? Do you want to come on a climb or be a part of another Stani Army event? We would love to have you join us. If you are interested, keep a look out for announcements of our upcoming events here on


Markhor Kickstarter Campaign – Pakistani Craftsmanship of Gentleman’s Shoes

Stani Army are proud to announce their support for Markhor’s Kickstarter campaign. Out of the small village district of Okara, Pakistan, Markhor are bringing to the world exquisite leather footwear for gentlemen, handemade by indigenous Pakistani craftsmen, creating modern designs of the finest quality with exceptional attention to detail.

With your support, the team at Markhor will be able to grow their business by employing more local craftsmen on a full-time basis, providing them with the security of a monthly salary which will include health and social benefits. This is your chance to support their work via their Kickstarter campaign, and in return be one of the first people in the world to receive their – what are no doubt set to be – highly sought-after products. Your pledges will make a massive difference in staving off the threat to the livelihood of the local workers who are keeping this craft alive in the face of the threat modern mass production has brought.

Why we’re supporting Markhor
From their up-cycled packaging to securing the livelihoods of their workers, if there ever was an ethical initiative to back, this would be it. Stani Army and its fans are known for their great support and undying love for the nation of Pakistan, and we have no doubt this is something our fans will proudly and generously support. Let’s back our young Pakistani businessmen and women doing wonders for their indigenous craftsmen. Join us in showing your support for this great initiative. Find out more and back their Kickstarter campaign with a pledge here and be one of the first in the world to receive their stunning products.

How does Markhor’s Kickstarter campaign work?
Kickstarter is a crowd sourcing platform for new startups to raise funds through pledges by people around the world. For your pledge, you will be one of the first to receive the product or service offered by the new company, along with other perks. In the case of Markhor, the pledge brackets and what you will receive for your pledge can be found on Markhor’s Kickstarter page in the column to the right. Once you have made your pledge and the Kickstarter campaign has ended, your product is manufactured and shipped to you.

There are 43 days to go before the end of the Markhor Kickstarter campaign so get your pledges in fast! To find out who has pledged so far, click here.

Follow Markhor on Facebook and Twitter
Their Kickstarter page can be found here, and their website here.

Photos: At the London Mela for the Imran Khan Cancer Appeal

Earlier this month, members of the Stani Army were in attendance at the London Mela in Gunnersbury Park raising funds for the Imran Khan Cancer Appeal (IKCA). A big thank you to everyone who attended and donated towards this worthy cause, and we hope you enjoyed meeting us and Stani Army’s very own Mr Pakistan and the Sheikh. You can view photos from the Mela below.

If you missed out on the Mela and still wish to donate, you can do so via Mr Pakistan’s Just Giving page, via the IKCA website, or via free phone on 0500 786 101. To find out more about where your donations will be going and the tireless work of the IKCA and everyone at the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital, please visit here.

It was also a pleasure meeting members of the Rotary Foundation who had their own stall close to ours, and hearing of the great work they are doing in Pakistan in the fight to eradicate polio. Pakistan is one of the few countries in the world where polio is still endemic. The Rotary Foundation through their End Polio Now campaign hope to eradicate polio from Pakistan, and you can help by donating here. Continue reading “Photos: At the London Mela for the Imran Khan Cancer Appeal”