Stani Army are proud to announce their support for Markhor’s Kickstarter campaign. Out of the small village district of Okara, Pakistan, Markhor are bringing to the world exquisite leather footwear for gentlemen, handemade by indigenous Pakistani craftsmen, creating modern designs of the finest quality with exceptional attention to detail.

With your support, the team at Markhor will be able to grow their business by employing more local craftsmen on a full-time basis, providing them with the security of a monthly salary which will include health and social benefits. This is your chance to support their work via their Kickstarter campaign, and in return be one of the first people in the world to receive their – what are no doubt set to be – highly sought-after products. Your pledges will make a massive difference in staving off the threat to the livelihood of the local workers who are keeping this craft alive in the face of the threat modern mass production has brought.

Why we’re supporting Markhor
From their up-cycled packaging to securing the livelihoods of their workers, if there ever was an ethical initiative to back, this would be it. Stani Army and its fans are known for their great support and undying love for the nation of Pakistan, and we have no doubt this is something our fans will proudly and generously support. Let’s back our young Pakistani businessmen and women doing wonders for their indigenous craftsmen. Join us in showing your support for this great initiative. Find out more and back their Kickstarter campaign with a pledge here and be one of the first in the world to receive their stunning products.

How does Markhor’s Kickstarter campaign work?
Kickstarter is a crowd sourcing platform for new startups to raise funds through pledges by people around the world. For your pledge, you will be one of the first to receive the product or service offered by the new company, along with other perks. In the case of Markhor, the pledge brackets and what you will receive for your pledge can be found on Markhor’s Kickstarter page in the column to the right. Once you have made your pledge and the Kickstarter campaign has ended, your product is manufactured and shipped to you.

There are 43 days to go before the end of the Markhor Kickstarter campaign so get your pledges in fast! To find out who has pledged so far, click here.

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Their Kickstarter page can be found here, and their website here.