Touring members - The Doctor
Touring members – The Doctor

In the next installment in our series on our touring members, we bring you the Doctor:

When did your love for Pakistan cricket begin?
My love for Pakistan cricket started long ago when I was about 11 and I started to go senior school and began to engage in banter with other cultures and teams. I’ve always had a passion for cricket especially when Pakistan play.

Why are you so passionate about Pakistan cricket?
All Pakistanis are passionate about cricket and I’m passionate because I love the tempo of the game and when I first started watching it, the likes of Inzi, Imran Khan Javed Miandad; bowlers like Waqar Younis, Wasim Akram, just bought something else to the game of cricket. The 1992 World Cup really was the highlight. We had a quality team that produced in the final. That win was the most glorious day in Pakistan cricket.

Coming to the more recent past, describe your outfit and why you chose this character?
The doctors outfit came about thanks to the Sheikh of Pakistan. We wanted something that was green but was original and with a twist.

When did you first hear of Stani Army?
I heard of the Stani Army through the Sheikh and got to meet them prior to the trip of Sri Lanka.

Which was the first Pakistan game you attended?
My first match experience was the t20, Sri Lanka vs Pakistan in Pallekelle. Beautiful weather and met Chacha there for the first time. The experience was amazing as all the crowd cheered and most of the Sri Lankans cheered for Pakistan.

Which was the most memorable match you have been to?
My most memorable game has to be the double header in Colombo at the t20 World Cup Super 8s. Because Pakistan beat Australia in the earlier game, it meant that South Africa were already out before the game began. Despite that, South Africa had pride to play for so were going to put up a good fight. On the other hand India needed a big win to lift there run rate above ours to qualify for the semifinals. But even though they beat South Africa in the last game of the Super 8s, it wasn’t enough and they were knocked out which meant we qualified for the seminfinals.

In hindsight, that Tuesday night’s match in Colombo was a classic, going right down to the final over with India snatching a victory by just one run. But neither team was in the mood to celebrate, as by then both had been knocked out of the competition. But I lived that experience with the Stani Army and it was awesome as Pakistan made it through.

My cherished memory of that trip was the group we all went with and the games we went to and the places we visited. Along with sight seeing we also went water rafting and staying in the Cinnamon Grande hotel was a nice moment as all the players stayed there. Too many moments took my breath away and all thanks to the Alimghty for bringing us all together. A big thanks goes to the Sheikh and Mr Pakistan for everything they went through to make sure we all had a brilliant time. The planning and locations chosen by Mr Pakistan could not have been better.

Any messages and advice for the Pakistan fans
My message to all fans is to support your team regardless of the situation and always be the 12th man. Pakistan Zindabad!