Details on tickets can be used for fraudulent means & should be obscured
Details on tickets can be used for fraudulent means & should be obscured

Fans receiving their tickets for the Champions Trophy tournament should take precautions before posting images of their tickets online.

Supporters up and down the country have started receiving their tickets for the ICC Champions Trophy starting in June in England and Wales. We would first like to congratulate those of you who have managed to get tickets to attend matches and understand and share the joy and excitement of looking forward to attending the last Champions Trophy tournament to be played. With that acknowledged, we would like to urge fans to temper their excitement and take care when posting images of their tickets on social network websites.

We have noticed a number of fans posting images of their tickets online without hiding important details printed on their tickets. Fans are advised that should they want to post images of their tickets online, that they should obscure or blur out their name, row and seat number, and barcode which are all printed on the ticket. Fans who have already posted images without taking these precautions should endeavour to remove the images as soon as possible.

Fans should be aware that photos they post of their tickets that show important details can be used by others to falsely advertise their ticket for resale online, despite the actual ticket being in your possession. Reselling of tickets is illegal, therefore should the ICC see a ticket being advertised for resale, showing seat and row numbers, they will then cancel the ticket which will mean you will not be able to enter the ground even though you legitimately purchased your ticket.

It is also vital that you cover up the barcode as the barcode can be used to print counterfeit tickets. Should someone do so with your ticket and arrive at a game before you, you will find yourself in a predicament and most likely be banned from entering the stadium. The issue of fake tickets is of real concern and was the main reason why the ICC waited as late as possible to send out tickets to fans. Fans should not take this warning lightly.