IMPORTANT World Cup tickets update

We urge fans wanting to travel to Sri Lanka to watch the World Cup to get on the ticketing website and book their match tickets now. We had expected that tickets would go fast, yet even we have been surprised at how fast they are selling.

Some tickets have been held back for a second phase of sales due to commence on the 1st of August, yet only 20% have been held back for this second phase. Considering the fact that the demand will be even higher then, fans should not wait any longer.

Unfortunately, due to this huge demand, we were not able to purchase tickets for the blocks we had originally hoped for and stated in our previous post, despite trying at the earliest opportunity. We will as a result be seated in the following blocks:

Group games: Block A12 (Pallekele)
Super8s: Block AU2 (Colombo)
Semi-Final: Block AU2 (Colombo)
Final: Block CU7 (Colombo)

The above seating plan is now finalised.

Tips for when booking:
– You may find that tickets for your specific search criteria are showing as unavailable. Fans should therefore use the method of selecting their price range and then search for the best matched tickets. This way you will get the best available seats for what you are willing to pay.

– If you are still having trouble through this method, try to purchase fewer tickets at a time (for example, in twos). Trying to purchase 6 tickets all seated together, will obviously reduce your chances of finding a match.

– If you are still having trouble, then chances are that only the cheapest or (less likely) the most expensive tickets will be left. Fans should thus adjust the price range for the search criteria accordingly and try again.

If you intend to go to the World Cup, please visit the ticketing website now to avoid disappointment. DO NOT DELAY!


5 thoughts on “IMPORTANT World Cup tickets update

  1. MrCricketMaxi,

    We have purchased our personal tickets only. We have been advising fans that they should purchase their own tickets and that we will be able to offer any advice that they needed in regards to tickets or any other issues.

    The number of tickets purchased by any one person are capped at a maximum of 6 for the group stages, and 4 for the super8s, Semis and Final.

    Do let us know if we can assist any further.


  2. The cat. for Pallekele is $1 (23rd and 25th Sept) and both matches in the group stages are in Block A12

    The cat. for super8’s is $11 (28th,30th Sept, 2nd Oct)and all out seats are in block AU2

    The cat. for semi-final is $16 and we are in AU2

    The cat. for final is $9 and we are in CU7

    most of the cat.’s are sold out so we advise on purchasing in any available cat. now


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