A warm welcome from Stani Army

Greetings to our fellow Stanis! Welcome to staniarmy.com, a place where you can share your views about Pakistan cricket and cricket from all around the world.

We will be posting on a regular basis and hope to bring in some esteemed writers who will also contribute to the site. Our polls will be regularly held so make sure you take part; if you do not vote then you do not have a say!

Send us your match day photos from around the world, whether you’re at the Kensington Oval or the Brit Oval, whether you’re watching Brett Lee or Mura-Lee (sorry, that was terrible!) and see yourself in our gallery. No nudity please!

This site was brought about through the love of cricket and ALL NATIONS. This is not a forum for people to abuse or insult one another but where we can have intelligent debate about this gentleman’s/woman’s game. By all means, there is nothing wrong with healthy discussion or disagreeing with one another but there are intelligent ways of doing so that do not involve race, nationality, sexual orientation or people’s mothers.

We have a strictly no swearing policy no matter which language it is in. Please respect our blogging policy (read it, it’s very short!) as your need for vitriol can be satisfied by many other sites on the web – not here though.

If you have any suggestions or would just like to give us general feedback then please do not hesitate – we’re good at listening, we have big ears!

Everybody ready? Right arm over. Play!


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